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Honda Vin Numbers Explained: What you need to know

Honda Vin Numbers Explained: What you need to know

Posted by Amy on 3rd Oct 2017

What does it look like?

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number on a Honda Motorcycle is a 17 digit code which consists of letters and numbers.

Where do I find it?

You will find you VIN number stamped onto the right side of the headstock, where the steering stem located.

What does it mean?

Likened to the DNA of the motorcycle every vehicle produced since 1981 has one of these codes. This identification system was implemented to create a consistent method of identifying a vehicle, a necessity for law enforcement departments.

How to decode your VIN:

  1. Locate the first character. This letter or numeral represents the country of manufacture. In this case, a "J" for Japan should be present.
  2. the second character, "H." This represents the name of the manufacturer, Honda.
  3. The third character. This letter or digit represents the vehicle type. Most Honda motorcycles use a "2," which refers to a motorcycle, although "A" or "1" may also be used.
  4. The fourth through the eighth characters. These letters and digits are used to identify the model of the motorcycle itself.
  5. The ninth character is a randomly selected number or letter to make the VIN code completely unique.
  6. The tenth digit denotes the year of manufacturer
  7. The remaining numbers are usually the order in which the motorcycle came off the production line. These numbers are usually kept in succession. 

Now enough of all that serious stuff!! Here's Marc Marquez doing a burnout on London Millennium Bridge.

Words by Amy