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Honda Racing Corporation Renews Contract with Marc Marquez for Two Years

Honda Racing Corporation Renews Contract with Marc Marquez for Two Years

Posted by Press Release Honda Racing Corporation on 26th Feb 2018

Honda Racing Corporation Renews Contract with Marc Márquez for Two Years

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) is pleased to announce the extension of its contract with
25-year-old Spanish rider Marc Márquez, currently competing in the FIM*1 MotoGP World
Championship for the HRC’s factory team*2 “Repsol Honda Team,” that will see him continue
to race for two more years beginning in 2019.

After winning the 125cc championship in 2010, Márquez moved on to Moto2 racing in 2011 to
win the title in 2012. In his debut year in the premier class in 2013, he became the world’s
youngest champion after taking the title for the Repsol Honda Team. In 2017 he became the
youngest rider in history to win four titles in the premier class.

*1 FIM: Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
*2 Factory team: Racing team managed by the bike manufacturer. For Honda, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) manages its
factory teams.

Marc Márquez
“I’m excited to continue to race for Honda’s factory team in the MotoGP class. I’m proud to
race as a member of the Honda family, and I appreciate how Honda and the team always do
their best to provide me with everything I need. I would also like to thank everyone who has
given me such warm support over the years. The first two official tests went well, and with my
contract renewed, I can concentrate on racing in the new season. I will continue to enjoy
racing, share my joy with everybody, and do my best to reach our shared goals. Thank you!”

Yoshishige Nomura | Honda Racing Corporation President
“I am very pleased that Marc Márquez will continue to ride for our factory team. Márquez has
consistently pushed himself to the limit and matured as a rider, and given Honda many titles.
We were able to announce the contract renewal at such an early stage due to our mutual trust,
and our common passion for racing. I am certain that we can provide an environment for him
to concentrate on the final tests in Qatar this week and in the lead-up to the opening round,
and that we can start the 2018 season strongly. HRC will continue its challenge with Márquez,
a vital rider in the future of MotoGP. I appreciate, and look forward to everyone’s continued

support for the Repsol Honda Team.”